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Aerial Evolution


With Rowan Metzner

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Aerial Evolution

I was catching up at a bar with my brother a few years ago where we were discussing life, goals, and podcasts. He manages a very successful sports podcast and was encouraging me to get into the business. By that point I had been an aerial student for several years and was soaking up what I could about the technical and physical aspects but the history was lacking. We looked up what aerial podcasts existed and were shocked to find a gaping hole. 


Over the next few months I researched what I could about the history of aerial and aerial dance and was baffled at how little there was to find. If you google the history of other artforms or sports you find pages and pages of links to books and articles, but for aerial only a few. Something needed to be done. and as circus and aerial were born out of an oral tradition, I decided to make the most of it. with a podcast. Aerial Evolution developed as a place for guests to tell their own stories as well as the history as they know it. 

This podcast is a living archive of aerial history and a way to start larger conversation with the community. It is a place to discover what it was like in those early days when modern aerial was being invented, how and why it has evolved over the years, and where it is going. In addition to discussing the development and changes over time, recurring topics explored on the show are the distinctions between art forms such as aerial dance, vertical dance and circus, the types of festivals, inclusivity, teaching styles, safety, and so much more.


Huge thank you to professional aerialist, Jane Rose, for Co-Hosting Season One of Aerial Evolution with me. She added her unique perspective as we interviewed some of the women who made aerial what it is today.  I also want to thank all of our guests. We have learned so much and have had a wonderful time doing so. Your collective voices serve as such an inspiration to myself and countless others around the globe.


The podcast is still in its infancy and, as with aerial, will continue to grow and adapt. Next season, in addition to continuing to welcome influential guests, the podcast will be evolving. So stay tuned for exciting announcements. As always, I would love to hear from you on our message boards or on our Facebook and Instagram pages @aerialevolutionpod.

Thank you so much for tuning in!


P.S. If you would like to know more about me or my photography you can visit: www.rowanmetzner.com.

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